Who is Kellyanne Conway?: Eight Things You may not have Known about Trump’s Senior Counselor

Kellyanne Conway accepted Donald Trump’s offer to become his new campaign manager on August 17, 2016, thereby making her the first woman to manage a Republican Presidential campaign in U.S history. She then traveled around the United States promoting Trump as the most optimal presidential candidate. Following his electoral victory in November 2016, she was named Counselor to the President.

Prior to becoming a Presidential Counselor, Conway had been serving as a political pollster and pundit advising conservative politicians and campaign directors on how to appeal to women voters. Despite her impressive resume and credentials, she is primarily known by the public for coining the phrase “Alternative Facts” in a Meet the Press interview on January 22, 2017.

Here are some things you may not have known about Conway:

1: She was Raised by her Mother and Grandmother

KellyAnne Conway was born on January 20, 1967 in Camden, NY. Her father, a man of Irish descent, owned and worked at a small trucking company while her mother, a woman of Italian decent, worked at a local bank. The marriage between the two was not meant to last; they divorced by the time KellyAnne was only 3 years old. From 1970 onward, KellyAnne was raised on a farmland located in Waterford Township, NJ with her mother and grandmother.

2: At the age of 12, she obtained a Special Permit to work on a Farm 

In 1979 at the early age of 12, KellyAnne Conway got her first job working as a Blueberry picker and packer at Indian Brand Farms. To work on the farm, Conway obtained a special work permit issued by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Her boss, Bill DiMeo, reported that she was an “Intensely motivated” worker and was one of the fastest blueberry pickers he had ever employed. She would continue working at the farm during the summer months for the next 8 years.

2: She Was a Cheerleader for her High School Football Team

In 1981, during her freshman year at Saint Joseph High School located in Hammonton, NJ, KellyAnne was a cheerleader for her high school football team. After graduating the high school, she would serve on the school’s Board of Trustees for many years thereafter.

3: She had a Competitive Edge During her Youth

In 1982, Conway participated in a New Jersey Blueberry Queen pageant. She was the runner-up in the contest and was dubbed Blueberry Princess. Several years later in 1987, Conway entered the New Jersey Blueberry Speed packing contest held in Hammonton, NJ. The judges at the competition initially ruled the contest a tie between Cownay and another contestant; however, Kellyanne obstinately demanded a recount. It was then determined that she had won the competition by a slim margin.

4: She is well Educated

Conway graduated Magna Cume Laude From Trinity College in Washington, D.C. with a Bachelors in political science in 1989. While pursuing her degree, she expanded her connections by joining Phi Beta Kappa, a liberal arts honors society, and studied a semester abroad at Oxford University, UK. She then attended George Washington University Law School seeking a Juris Doctorate. She graduated with her JD in 1992 and worked as a judicial law clerk for Judge Richard A. Levie of the Superior Court for the District of Columbia while concurrently serving as an adjunct professor at her alumnus.

5: She Participated in Several Comedy Routines

Conway’s, first flirtation with comedy occurred in 1993 while she was still a student at George Washington University Law School. In a comedic play titled “NLC Dating Game,” she played bachelorette Number 1. She comically introduced in the play as being an “…aerobics instructor by day and a personal masseuse by night.” She acted the part of a sultry single lawyer.

Later, during the 1990s, she returned to comedy and participated in a comedic charitable event hosted in Washington D.C.

6: She has Worked Extensively with Numerous Lawmakers in Trump’s Administration

Since founding the Polling Company in 1995, Conway has worked with Republican lawmakers on the issue of appealing to women voters. She has completed work with many in the current Trump administration including Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, and Ted Cruz.

Additionally, she assisted Todd Akin, a Republican Representative from Missouri, after he was criticized for coining the term “legitimate rape.”

7: She was named the winner of the Outlook’s 12th Crystal Ball Competition.

In November 2004, Kellyanne Conway was the winner of the Outlook’s 12th Crystal Ball Competition. She won the award when she came closer to matching the actual 2004 election results than any of the political insiders who had given their own predictions on the election’s outcome. She had near accurate forecasts in 5/6 categories: both parts of the presidential vote, the composition of the House, the governorships, and the outcome in Florida. She only fell short of the sixth category by failing to predict the senatorial elections.

8: She has known Trump for Over a Decade.

Conway allegedly met Trump in 2006 when she was living in a property owned by Trump. She even worked on the board of a Trump World Tower located in Manhattan, NY. In this capacity, Conway had intermittent contact with Trump himself who would often call her and ask her opinion on political topics.


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